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EPCHS Band History: 1970's



The Decade at a Glance

The band now starts off each year with summer band camp, which takes place in the month of August. During this time the band learned preliminary drills on the field. In addition to summer band camp, the marching band had many performances. The marching band performed at football games, where they played a new show every game. The marching band also played in East Peoria and Peoria Veterans’ Day Parade, Morton Pumpkin Festivals, Canton Friendship Festival Parades, and U of I marching band competitions. The concert band performed at State Contest, clinics at ISU, spring and winter concerts, and EPCHS graduations. In 1970, the band performed at WIU and marched in the half time show with eight other bands. They were in such formations as the words "WESTERN" and "USA". In 1971, the band performed at Zeller Zone and at the U of I Band Day. In 1972, the band received superior ratings at contest, and was the runners-up for the Sweepstakes Trophy. In 1974, the band played at the International Band Festival in Mexico City. In 1978, the band received straight firsts at State Contest. Along with the outstanding ratings, the band went on a spring tour to Putnam and Mendota High Schools. In 1979, the band was ranked 5th in the state at ISU Marching Competition.




Director- Mr. Vroman

President- Colleen Crebo

Vice President- Bruce Bain

Secretary- Becky Funkhouser

Treasurer- Mike Riley

Historian- Carol Haslett

Librarian- Carol Haslett

Uniform- Teresa Mayberry

Drum Major- Bob Harnish

Activities: The band begins the school year with preliminary drills on the baseball field, called band camp, in August. The band performed at the Canton Friendship Festival, Morton Pumpkin Festival, Homecoming , EPCHS graduation, clinic at ISU, three concerts, and marched in the half-time show at WIU with eight other bands. They were in such formations as in the words "WESTERN" and "USA".

Band Information: The band marches a new show for every game.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- John Reid, Steve Cline

Activities: The performed at the football and basketball games, Zeller Zone Center, Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade, EP and Peoria Veteran Day Parades, U of I Band Day (half-time show with Doc Severinson), Christmas Concert, Winter Concert, State Contest.

Awards: Karen Overmier was first chair flute in All State Orchestra.

Band Information: The band consisted of around 65 members in concert band.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- John Reid, Craig Bartos

Activities: The band participated in the WIU Band Day (October 9, 1971 were they performed half-time by themselves), State Contest, and played at the football and basketball games.

Awards: The band received superior ratings at contest, and was the runner- up for the Sweepstakes Trophy.

Band Information: The marching band consisted of around 175 members.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Major- John Reid and Craig Bartos

Activities: The band participated at the Winter Concert, various parades; including the Morton Pumpkin Festival Parade, and festivals.  The band performed in the University of Illinois class AA Marching Competition and won 2nd place in Parade Competition and 3rd place in Field Competition




Director- Mr. Vroman

President- Lucinda (Lucy) Schlaffer

Vice President- Dave Vroman

Secretary- Jill Duchien

Treasurer- Carol King

Drum Major- Dave Vroman, Jim Phillis

Activities: The band participated in various parades, U of I Marching Band Competition, and performed for the Eureka College Homecoming game. The symphonic Band was invited to participate in an International Band Festival held in Mexico City.  To facilitate an early departure, members reported to the school at 3:15 a.m., but no one complained!  This was the start to a busy and fun-packed week.  The band presented four concerts, and toured the city.  Highlights included a cathedral, Aztec pyramids, and a bullfight.  Members also did some shopping and were able to meet several native Mexicans.  The band received a warm welcome, typified by this comment: "I really liked your team!" 




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- Jim Phillis, Rick Wanner

Activities: The band played at the football and basketball games, and attended EIU Band Day.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- Rick Wanner, John Otey

Activities: The Symphonic and intermediate band played in the Tazewell County Band Festival.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- John Otey, Gary Vroman

Band Information: The band is noted for being a top-notch marching band in Central Illinois.  They traveled to Washington D.C. where they performed on the steps of the Capitol, at the Lincoln Memorial, and in a concert band Invitational at the Kennedy Center.  In between concerts and practice the students visited the Smithsonian.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- Gary Vroman, John Nelson

Activities: The band performed at State Organizational Contest, U of I State Final Organizational Competition, and went on a spring tour to Putnam and Mendota High Schools.




Director- Mr. Vroman

Drum Majors- John Nelson, Mark Nelson

Awards: The marching band ranked 5th in the state at ISU.

"I remember that I was glad we did that well because it was nearly a disaster.  We had only marched on our own field at EPCHS and when we got to the competition my brother Mark (the other drum major) and I lined the band up along the sidelines and then took our places on on the field. But the middle of the field pitched up so high (maybe 3 or 4 feet) that we couldn't really even see the band to give the starting hand signals. And the crowd was so loud and the reverberation so great that I was very worried about the band hearing our commands. But we blew our Acme Thunder whistles as loud as we could and prayed. And we performed justgreat."                            - John Nelson, Drum Major 1979

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