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EPCHS Band History: 1990's



The Decade at a Glance

The marching members appeared at home football games, various parades, and at other activities. For concert seasons, the band played at State Contest and at the winter and spring concerts. Some band members also participated at All-State. In 1995, the band received superior ratings at State Contest. In 1996, the band took its first Fine Arts Field Experience in Chicago. In 1997, the band received superior ratings at State Contest, the Air Force Band of the Rockies Woodwind Quintet performed, and the band traveled to Cincinnati for the Fine Arts Field Experience. In 1998, the band received superior ratings at State Contest, went to Chicago for the Fine Arts Field Experience. The band also performed with the Dallas Brass in concert and participated in a clinic. In 1999, the band went to Detroit, Michigan for the Fine Arts Field Experience.



Director- Mr. Schiefling

Activities: The band played in various parades, festivals, concerts, at the football and basketball games, and Festival of Lights .



Director- Mr. Sheldon

Number of Band Members: 84

Senior Graduation Selection:

Avatara - Leckrone


Lindbergh Variations - Sheldon

C'est Noel - arr. Jutras

Irish Rhapsody - Grundman

Concerto for Tuba and Band - Bencriscutto

Overture for Winds - Carter

Americans We - Fillmore

America's Finest - arr. Bocook

Bradford Ballade - Sheldon

Exhaltation - Swearingen

Drum Majors: Challie Donaldson, Niki Largent, Jennifer O'Bleness

John Philip Sousa Award: Jason Folkenroth & Adam Schneblin

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Jason Folkenroth

All-State: Jason Folkenroth-trumpet




Number of Band Members: 95

Senior Graduation Selection:

Italien in Algiers - Rossini/Calliet


First Military Suite in E-flat - Holst

Chorale & Shaker Dance - Zdechlik

Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon - Grainger

Italien in Algiers - Rossini/Calliet

The Black Horse Troop - Sousa

Southwest Saga - Sheldon

West Side Story - Bernstein/Bocook

Fandango - Perkins

Important Events:

State Fair - Springfield, IL

Student Teachers: Leigh Hurtz

Drum Majors: Todd Halberg & Jake Jeremiah

John Philip Sousa Award: Tammi Spencer

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Wes Drew

Marching Red Raider Award: Tammi Spencer

All-State: Tammi Spencer-clarinet




Number of Band Members: 106

Senior Graduation Selection:

Fall River Overture - Sheldon


Overture in B-flat - Giovaninni

Flourish for Wind Band - Vaughan Williams

A Festival Prelude - Reed

Fall River Overture - Sheldon

Symphonic Dance #3 - Williams

Marche des Parachutistes Belges - Leemans

Irish Tune from County Derry - Grainger

America Sea Rhapsody - Cacavas

Toccata for Band - Erickson

Important Events:

Illinois State University Concert Band Competition - Normal, IL

Six Flags Over Mid-America - St. Louis, MO

Student Teachers: Laura Grant & Matt Kastor

Drum Majors: Jake Jeremiah & Mark Greer

John Philip Sousa Award: Amy Waggoner

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Sam Garrison

Marching Red Raider Award: Jake Jeremiah




Number of Band Members: 102

Senior Graduation Selection:

The Ramparts - Williams


The Ramparts - William

Australian Up-Country Tune - Grainger

Incantation and Dance - Chance

Cape Fear Chronicles - Sheldon

Ocean Ridge Rhapsody - Sheldon

Toccata - Frescobaldi

Phantom of the Opera - arr. Baker

Satiric Dances - Dello Joio

The Klaxon - Fillmore

Important Events:

State Contest (Superior)

Student Teachers: Dave Huber & Karen Cole

Drum Majors: Mark Greer & Dan Kentner

John Philip Sousa Award: Josh Shepherd

Band Service Award: Jim Jeremiah

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Brian Halstead

Marching Red Raider Award: Troy Kerrn & Jessica Sedgewick

Check out Jim Jeramiah's




Number of Band Members: 95

Senior Graduation Selection:

The Cowboys - Williams/Curnow


Russian Christmas Music - Reed

Italien in Algiers - Rossini/Calliet

Schindler's List - arr. Custer

The Cowboys - Williams/Curnow

El Relicario - Padilla/Longfield

Prelude in E-flat minor - Shostakovitch/Reynolds

Galop - Kabalevsky/Mitchell

Appalachian Legacy - Sheldon

Important Events:

State Contest (Excellent)

Fine Arts Field Experience - CHICAGO

Chicago Symphony, Music Mart, Art Institute, Navy Pier,

IMAX, Water Tower Place, Showboat, Six Flags

Student Teachers: Heather Simon

Drum Majors: Dustin Whitman & Ben Richards

John Philip Sousa Award: Lindsay Waibel

Band Service Award: Nancy Merlo

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Ben Richards

Marching Red Raider Award: Zak Piper




Number of Band Members: 94

Senior Graduation Selection:

"Gandalf" - Lord of the Rings Symphony - deMeij


"Gandalf" - Lord of the Rings Symphony - deMeij

First Military Suite in E-flat - Holst

The Secret - Freeman

Ode for Trumpet - Reed

Carnival of Venice - arr. Del Staigers

Psalm for Band - Persichetti

The British Eighth - Elliott

2nd Mvt, Nordic Symphony - Hanson/Maddy

Variations on a Korean Folk Song - Chance

Important Events:

State Contest (Superior)

Amy Gilreath, soloist and clinician

Fine Arts Field Experience - CINCINNATI

Orchestra Hall, Cincinati Symphony Orchestra, Art Museum, OmniMAX,

Fountain Square, Private Lives at Playhouse in the Park, King's Island

Air Force Band of the Rockies Woodwind Quintet

Student Teachers: Brandi Hilton & Ben Jackels

Drum Majors: Dustin Whitman & Wes Dyke

John Philip Sousa Award: Laura Neptun

Band Service Award: Rob James & Kris Rock

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Dustin Whitman & Kim Heiple

Marching Red Raider Award: Dustin Whitman

All-State: Jill Bartelt-oboe, Conrad Sutherland-string bass
Band Officers
President - Kris Rock
Vice President - Rob James
Secretary - Laura Neptun
Treasurer - Jill Bartelt
Historian - Grant Crotts




Number of Band Members: 102

Senior Graduation Selection:

Escape from Plato's Cave - Melillo


The Ascension - Smith

Sym Variations "In Dulce Jubilo" - Smith

Children's March - Grainger

Ghost Train - Whitacre

A Longford Legend - Sheldon

Finale, Symphony No. 1 - Kallinikov/Bainum

Escape from Plato's Cave - Melillo

Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral-Wagner/Cailliet

Pas Redoublé - Saint-Saëns/Frackenpohl

Phantom of the Opera - Barker

The Black Horse Troop - Sousa

Important Events:

State Contest (Superior)

Fine Arts Field Experience - CHICAGO

Northwestern University School of Music, Oakbrook Square,

Forever Plaid, Sears Tower, Art Institute, Phantom of the Opera,

Navy Pier, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Six Flags

Dallas Brass Concert & Clinic

Heartland Woodwind Quintet

Eastern Illinois University Brass Quintet

Student Teachers: Sarah Hahn & Raúl Zamora

Drum Majors: Wes Dyke & Dave Zerwer

John Philip Sousa Award: Roy Freeman & Jill Bartelt

Band Service Award: Stephanie Dennis

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Harry Crawford

Marching Red Raider Award: Wes Dyke

All-State: Jill Bartelt-oboe, Angie Neptun-flute




Number of Band Members: 97

Senior Graduation Selection:

Children's March - Grainger


Incantation and Dance - Chance

Trail of Tears - Barnes

American Overture - Jenkins

Once, the Man... - Sheldon

Carmina Burana - Orff/Krance

Satiric Dances - Dello Joio

Spoon River - Grainger/Sheldon

Elegy for a Young American - LoPresti

Chorale and Alleluia - Hanson

George Gershwin - Gershwin/Chase

Prelude on an Old English Hymn - Sheldon

Emperata Overture - Smith

Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa

Important Events:

State Contest (Excellent)

Fine Arts Field Experience - DETROIT

University of Michigan School of Music, Detroit Symphony Orchestra,

Detroit Public Library, Detroit Institute of Art, Trapper's Alley,

Jekyll & Hyde, Great Lakes MegaMall, Paul Taylor Dance Theatre,

Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum

Southern Illinois University Wind Ensemble

ICC Jazz Band

JD Darnall High School Band and Chorus

Student Teachers: Joyce Griggs & Michelle Rapp

Drum Majors: Simon Grimm & Matt Jordan

John Philip Sousa Award: Anne Lyle, Angie Neptun

Band Service Award: Kendra Brandon

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Chris Flinn

Marching Red Raider Award: Simon Grimm

All-State: Angie Neptun-flute, Anne Lyle-bassoon




Number of Band Members: 95

Senior Graduation Selection:

Chorale and Shaker Dance - Zdechlik


Symphonic Movement - Nelhybel

Chorale and Shaker Dance - Zdechlik

Avatara - Leckrone

Mannin Veen - Wood

Southwest Saga - Sheldon

Themes Like Old Times - Barker

Overture in Bb - Giovaninni

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - Holsinger

Eprit de Corps - Jager

The Invincible Eagle - Sousa

Important Events:

State Contest (Straight Superior)

Fine Arts Field Experience - CHICAGO

EPCHS Band Members

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