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Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble is an opportunity for students to perform in front of a professional judge and receive feedback. A student is given a first, second, or third based on the quality of their performance but they do not compete against other students.  The competition is hosted at an area school or at ICC every year.  The competition will run from the morning to the afternoon and involves thousands of area student musicians. For more information visit the IHSA homepage: IHSA



Solo and Ensemble competition for the 2010-11 school year is located at Manual High School at 811 S. Griswold Street Peoria, IL 61605 (Map).


To compete students must prepare the following

  1. Scales
  2. Solo Piece

1. Scales

All wind and mallet instrument soloists (ensembles do not play scales) will be required to play two of the following scales: Concert C, F, B Flat, E Flat, A Flat, D Flat, G Major, and a chromatic. The judge will select the scales to be played. The scales listed, including the chromatic scale, will be called for in concert pitch meaning that each player who plays a transposing instrument will have to transpose the given scale. The scales should be played at a tempo no less than quarter note = 120. All scales for wind instruments shall be played two octaves where applicable but one octave where range restricts. Scales and the chromatic will be played from memory.

Major Scales

2. Solo Piece

Commonly Missed Rules

  1. Each soloist shall supply the judge with one score of his/her selection, with the measures numbered. Failure to supply such a score shall result in the contestant’s rating being automatically lowered by one step. Photocopied music may be provided to judges only in an emergency.
  2. The playing time for the prepared selection of a soloist shall not exceed six minutes (including time needed for on-stage tuning.) Solo/Ensemble events shall consist of a minimum of 64 published measures or a performance time of at least 90 seconds.
  3. Soloists and ensembles need not be accompanied unless the accompaniment is required by the score. If a performance is accompanied, accompaniment must be by piano, harp or any other instrument designated for accompaniment in the score.

Suggested Pieces

We have gathered a large database of possible solo and ensemble pieces.  Check out this page to see some options: Suggested Pieces.


Judges Sheets

The judges will use the following page to judge each solo or ensemble.  Students should familiarize themselves with the areas that they will be judged on to prepare more fully.  Judges Sheets


The IHSA establishes rules for solo and ensemble contest.  Students should skim through the rules to ensure that they are not disqualified. Rule Sheets

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