The mission of the Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) is to promote lifelong music learning and to provide leadership for music education.  ILMEA sponsors and organizes performance festival experiences for the student musicians of Illinois. ILMEA is, by far, the largest Fine Arts education organization in Illinois and among the largest in the Nation.  Visit ILMEA's homepage for more information.  Scroll down to learn about auditions and preparing for them.

District Auditions

District Auditions
East Peoria is part of District IV of ILMEA.  The IMEA District Auditions are held every year on Columbus Day.  Auditions run from 8:00AM-2:00PM.  Mr. Schneblin will arrange a bus to take students to the audition.  For more information click below.

All-State Auditions


Every year, ILMEA hosts the All-State conference in Peoria.  Thousands of students and directors from across Illinois come to participate in the many festivities.  The Civic Center hosts a huge showcase of musical instruments and products.  Many different ensembles perform including jazz, chorus, orchestra, and symphonic bands.

The ILMEA All-State bands are formed by selecting the top students from each of the district ensembles.  Once a student is asked to participate in All-State they audition for a place in either the All-State Band or the All-State Honors Band.  Auditions are held on the fourth Thursday of January in various locations around downtown Peoria.  Students are excused from school on Thursday and Friday in order to participate in auditions and rehearsal.

Preparing For Auditions

1. Scales

Each instrument, excluding percussion, has a scale sheet that students will need to be prepared to play for the audition.  Click below to download the scale sheets.

2. Etudes

Students are required to prepare two etudes for their audition .  The etudes rotate in a three year cycle.  Sets 1, 2, and 3 are used, then Set 1 is used again.  Ensure that you prepare the correct set for your audition!

Method Books

The etudes for Set 1, 2, and 3 for each instrument are contained in one method book.  It is highly recommended that students purchase this method book if they intend to audition.  Students are required to purchase an original copy of the etudes for use during the audition.

3. Sight Reading

Each student will be required to sight read a short piece.  The piece will be unknown to them until they enter the judging room.