Private Lessons

Private lesson are strongly recommended and encouraged! If you do not take private lessons with an area professional on your instrument, you should. In order to help facilitate getting started on lessons the EP Band Boosters will pay for the first three lessons with an approved lesson teacher (see the reimbursement form below). If you have any questions regarding private lessons or are interested in starting up lessons, please contact Mr. Schneblin for more information.

Private Lesson Instructors


Instructor Name

Phone Number

Flute LuAnn Stoskopf 698-2658
Clarinet Sherill Diepenbrock 685-2910
Saxophone Sherill Diepenbrock 685-2910
Oboe Gwen Carlton 698-3419
Bassoon Grant Gillett 682-8977
Trumpet Bill Booher 274-2143
Trumpet Randy Cooksey 673-6168
French Horn David Vroman 677-2605
Trombone Kyle Newgard 427-5254
Euphonium Adam Schneblin 694-8335
Tuba Adam Schneblin 694-8335
Percussion Peggy Bonner 674-5995
Percussion Landon Roemersberger 369-6431